Participamos desse projeto na etapa de Character Animation

Vaccination is a trendy subject these times. It couldn’t be different when we are facing a global pandemic. But what GSK want to remind us of is that, even now, we must pay attention to other preventable diseases as well, especially meningitis.

To achieve this purpose, we created a fun, colorful video in which a mother takes her daughter across town to get the shots.


Client: GSK

Direction: Guilherme Ferreirinha

Producer: Rodolfo Vicentin

Art Direction: Bianca Baderna

Copywriting: Rodolfo Vicentin

Storyboard: Gabrielle P. Schauerhuber

Illustration: Beatriz Batisteli, Bianca Baderna & Gabrielle P. Schauerhuber

3d: Pedro Kobuti

Motion Design: Larissa Garcia

Character Animation: Gorila Filmes

Compositing: Larissa Garcia

VO: Karol Antunes

VO Production: ZYB Produção Musical

Sound Production: Anvil FX music & sound design

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